Customs services

Our company provides professional customs service in the field of international logistics, and an integral part of it is quick and hassle – free customs clearance. Paperwork required for the goods to be shipped can be absolutely daunting, so having a professional partner for taking care of all the small details of it, and eventually optimizing the tax burden and reducing the time needed for the goods to go through the customs, is an absolute necessity.

Our consulting on customs clearance is probably most needed when your goods are transported to Russia. It is no secret that Russian legal system and customs law in particular is quite a perplexed one. Trying to ship goods to Russia without a professional consultant like our company might be extremely expensive, very unsafe for your goods and time consuming beyond any limits.

On the contrary, we when you use our customs service, we will make sure in advance that every little requirement of Russian customs is fulfilled, so that you goods could pass through without any delay.

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