Consolidated cargo

We provide transportation logistics of small quantities of goods, starting from 1 m3, all over the world. It allows us to serve different types of businesses, regardless of their size, and this is the key principle of our operations. The freight is consolidated in one of our warehouses or in a port in China or the US, from where they are delivered to your premises together with the goods of other companies. After the cargo reaches the final destination and all the customs procedures are done, we will send your cargo straight to your premises.

In the course of the whole transportation process you can be sure, that your cargo is absolutely save with us as we control every stage and all our partners have proved their reliability by providing impeccable level of service. Thus, you can be absolutely sure that your goods will arrive in time and in one piece!

Transportation logistics of consolidated cargo has many advantages:

•             Cost-efficiency

You pay proportionately to the volume of goods

•             Relevance for small businesses

It is much more efficient to transport small quantities of goods more often, than to wait before you have a whole truck or container of goods to be delivered.

•             Reduced warehousing costs

Consolidated freight occupy less space

Here is how a typical shipment works:

1)            Your goods are picked up from the loading place and brought to the warehouse near a port or, if the goods are transported to Russia, in one of our warehouses in Europe.

2)            The goods are stored, marked and packed and then all the necessary customs procedures at the point of departure are done.

3)            All the cargo is shipped to the hub closest to you, where customs procedures are done again.

4)            The goods are transported to your premises in small trucks.

If you are ready to place and order, you can do so online or contact one of our offices, and should you have any queries, we will be happy to address them.