Shipping from USA

The USA is one of largest exporter of goods in the world, which induces high demand for shipping from the USA.

ITM Logistics for several years has been providing logistics services for transportation of products to Europe from the USA, organizing the whole logistics chain including pick up from the loading place, shipment to Europe, customs declaration and clearance, as well as transfer to your warehouse in Europe.

Depending on the final destination, your goods will arrive to a sea port in Italy, Germany, France or Latvia, from where our trucks will pick up the goods and deliver them to your premises.  It is easy to work with our company as you don’t have to worry about anything while we are doing what we always do best – take care of all the stages along this long logistics chain.

ITM Logistics offers you the following transportation services:

-              Quick and reliable shipping from the USA to European Union;

-              “Door – to – door” delivery;

-              Customs clearance and all necessary supporting documents.

If you want to raise queries about our business activity, contact one of our representatives or if you are ready to place an order, you can do it online!