Shipping from China

The best way to deliver bulky and heavy commercial goods from China is shipment by sea. Big volumes of goods exported from China determine relatively low prices for transportation and make it the most cost-efficient transportation mode. However, shipping from China to Europe implies a long and complicated logistics chain, each element of which needs to be taken care of by a professional partner like ITM Logistics.

Our vast experience in international logistics and a network of reliable partners allows us to organise the process of transportation in a smooth and timely manner from the moment we pick up your goods from the loading place in China, to the moment when we unload them at you premises. Everything which is happening in between is taken care of, be it customs procedures in the sea ports in China and Europe, actual shipping by sea or delivery from the port to the final destination.

ITM Logistics offers high quality transportation services of cargo from China to Europe:

-          Quick and reliable logistics provider

-          Customs clearance and all supporting documents

-          Regular information about the current location of the cargo

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